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The Isle of Thanet, in Kent, in the South East of the UK, comprises the three resorts Margate, Ramsgate and Broadstairs.

The popular seaside destination boasts a whopping 26 miles of beautiful coastline facing out across the North Sea with the longest stretch of coastal chalk in the UK, which is nationally and internationally important for its marine and bird life.

Take a sneak peak below, at some of the area’s most popular beaches we have to offer, all within close proximity to our properties…

The beaches here are the closes sandy beaches to London. Some describe our local sand as being like soft golden sugar. Come and see for yourself!

Viking Bay

Viking Bay in Broadstairs

Joss Bay

Joss Bay in Broadstairs

Botany Bay

Botany Bay in Broadstairs

Louisa Bay

Louisa Bay in Broadstairs, on the way to Ramsgate

Kingsgate Bay

Kinsgate Bay in Broadstairs

Stone Bay

Stone Bay in Broadstairs

Dumpton Gap

Dumpton Gap Bay in Broadstairs