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Beach Hut Life with the stars in Broadstairs

Broadstairs and some of our beach huts were on TV this week! EastEnders film crew were here filming in August and the programmes went out last night and Thursday, featuring both Broadstairs and our sister town, Ramsgate.

Eastenders Carter Family in Broadstairs - on the beach with beach huts and pepple memorial to "Dad"
EastEnders filming on Stone Bay, Broadstairs

While the show is all gritty drama, the town looked its beautiful self and will have benefitted from the exposure on one of the nation’s favourite programmes. Between 3 and 9 million people watch each episode and we’ve already seen posts on social media where a fair few of those viewers are now talking about wanting to come here to see our lovely beaches for themselves.

Despite some hot debate from locals and others who know the area about some artistic licence taken by the production team with locations (the big – “they’re saying that’s Ramsgate but we know it’s Broadstairs!” furore), we think it’s been fantastic publicity and we say Danny and co. can come back anytime they like.

As well as Morelli’s ice cream parlour, it was the beach huts on Viking Bay and Stone Bay that really stood out. Yes, we have traditional beach huts on several of our beaches and yes, they are great for families who are holidaying here and like to spend a lot of time on the beach with lots of stuff like chairs and inflatables and blankets and kettles and picnic things… in fact they are brilliant.  Once you’re settled in your beach hut for the day or the week, or the whole summer, well you probably won’t want to move and you won’t have to! Beach hut life allows you to have everything you could need on the beach and you can just relax, sit back and enjoy watching the family do all those active beach-y things that they most enjoy, right under your nose.

We have several beautifully decorated beach huts in Broadstairs, some people get really creative when faced with a small wooden hut and the chance to put their personal stamp on it. We love this one which has been cleverly painted up like a vintage railway advertisement for our town!

Broadstairs Beach Hut with vintage railway poster design decoration

When you’re here, take a walk along the Stone Bay to find this and many more that are fun to see. There are also rows of beautiful yellow and blue huts and chalets that people can hire from the council.

The local paper recently published a gallery of pictures of local beach huts you might like to take a peek at!

If you fancy being able to use a beach hut – or beach chalet – while you’re here – and you don’t have a friend who’ll lend you one, you can rent them by the day, the week, or the full season by contacting Your Leisure at Margate Winter Gardens. You might have to go on a waiting list, but not necessarily….

Call 01843 296 111 or email to have a chat with them about your dream beach hut life and what they can offer you!

There’s a nice map on their website that shows all the beach hut locations and lets you download a Beach Chalet Application Form.

The one thing about beach huts is that you can’t sleep in them. It’s not allowed and you wouldn’t be very comfortable if you tried it. So it’s a good thing we offer such comfortable self catering accommodation, book that with us first, check your preferred dates using the form on our home page then see if you can get a beach hut for all or some of your stay here. It could just be the best holiday you’ll ever have! Traditional English seaside doesn’t get much better than Broadstairs whether you manage to bag a beach hut or not – be you an EastEnders star or just a starfish seeker!

knitted starfish on Broadstairs beach
We’ll tell you about the knitted starfish another day

We look forward to meeting you soon.