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Broadstairs Folk Week – Who’s on?

Folk week impage

Folk Week celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2015.  With more than 500 acts on, all over town, check out the programme in advance and plan when and where you’re going to see your favourite bands and all the other great music on offer.

See the Who’s On A-Z list on this link:

Now…book your tickets!

If you’re reading this post after the event, it’s not too early to start thinking about Folk Week 2016 which will take place 5th-14th August.

Accommodation quickly gets booked up early for this week, it’s Broadstairs’ busiest time without a doubt. If you would like to have your own self catering holiday home as your base for the week, get in touch and we can hopefully sort you out with what you need – just don’t leave it too late!

See the Broadstairs Folk Week Facebook page and follow them on Twitter, join the warm and friendly Folk Week family, you can be sure of a warm and rousing welcome!

Finishing up this post – we loved the below charming, home made and brilliantly edited little video on youtube, by Mr Kai Marsh in 2013, featuring lots of Folk Week characters and his lovely Nan. It gives a super taste of the feel of the town during this wonderful festival. If you imagine you’ve sunk a few Kentish Ales before you start watching we think the camera shake possibly adds to the overall party atmosphere!