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Broadstairs Holiday Lets what’s new?

We are very proud of our holiday lets in Broadstairs and we like to keep improving them when we spot opportunities to do so. Many of our guests come back to stay with us year after year and tell us they appreciate the new little extras that they often find we have introduced since their last visit.  Likewise we want new visitors to be delighted with the standard of holiday accommodation we offer – and we know that means we need to always be looking for ways we can make the properties even better, because you can’t stand still in the holiday lettings business!

After a whirlwind summer 2015 season we thought we should dedicate a blog post to let everyone know about some of the improvements we have made recently to the properties.

typical lounge seating at Beeches Holiday Lets

At the end of 2013 we installed outside BBQ’s at all properties ready for the 2014 season.

Since then we have also installed jet ski posts – for those of you who wish to bring your own jet ski. As we are surrounded by coast on three sides here, what could be more fun!

silvers property and jet ski

This year we’ve added new large mirrors in the bedrooms and bathrooms of each house, replacing older smaller ones. The new mirrors look great and give the properties a brighter and more opulent feel – as well as being very practical for guests who are dressing to impress for a special night out on their holiday!

We also installed some very nice palm trees in the rear and front gardens and the communal areas around the properties.  They look tropical and lush. As Broadstairs has something of a microclimate with milder weather than many other parts of the UK palm trees tend to do rather well here and they are very impressive plants.

Rear Garden, Silvers holiday home

All our houses had brand new, fresh net curtains in 2015 and we went on to fit blackout curtains to every property – giving all our guests a more luxurious deep sleep even when the nights are short – guests with children have told us they particularly appreciate that their kids have slept in later with these installed!

Silvers 2 also had a new flat screen internet enabled TV this year. All the properties now include  large flat screen internet TVs, blisteringly fast fibre WiFi, BBQ, Blue ray player, bike racks and jet-ski/motor-cycle  ground anchor.

We also added some really nice new pictures for the walls of several of the properties. They look lovely.

We’ve also been redecorating as we know that nice fresh paintwork makes all the difference when you are away from home, you want to be somewhere that is as pristine and well looked after as it would be if you were responsible for the upkeep yourself.

If you’re planning your next holiday with family or friends, why not have a little browse of our properties to see how they are presented. We hope you will agree that our attention to detail makes for very nice holiday accommodation and if you don’t already know Broadstairs you will be in for a treat staying in this lovely traditional English seaside resort.

We are very grateful for all the lovely testimonials we get, here and on TripAdvisor as well as other review sites. If you’ve stayed at one of our holiday homes in and around Broadstairs do let us know if you have a suggestion for anything we can do to improve it. We love ideas from our guests. if you would also like to take the time to post your feedback on one of the travel review sites like TripAdvisor that would also be amazing.

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