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Broadstairs is the seaside town of the moment!

We know how lovely Broadstairs is, we’re based here, naturally we love it. Still, we like it a lot when the town gets recognition in the press and if you’re planning on coming here, or not sure if you’ll like it or not, we think you will enjoy reading a recent article in Conde Nast Traveller magazine (October 2015) which names Broadstairs “the seaside town of the moment”!

A seagull looks over Broadstairs from the jetty
Broadstairs the seaside town of the moment

Whether you care about what’s “in” or not at any given time, Conde Nast Traveller is a top quality travel publication with excellent writers who don’t cover a destination unless it’s something really special. It’s a big deal for Broadstairs to get into such a prestigious magazine and even more so because the write up is so uniformly positively.

Writer, Suzanne Moore, has clearly spent a lot of time here and fallen in love with the place – and who can blame her. Her article is informative, evocative and engaging, with lots of good tips for travellers – where to go, what to do, etc.

Read the article here if you missed the link above.

While the town in many ways still has the same feel to it as Dickens enjoyed when he summered here and called it “the freshest, freest place” – and has remained largely unchanged for generations of family summer holidays since the 1950s, 1970s and so on – of course the odd restaurant or shop changes hands from time to time. Things don’t actually stand still in our seemingly timeless and endlessly charming resort!

So let us share a couple of key updates since Suzanne’s article appeared, yes even since October this year there have already been some significant and quite exciting changes in Broadstairs that we think you deserve to know about!

Wyatt and Jones has been very recently reconfigured and now includes a bar area where you can order delicious bar snacks – from beetroot pickled eggs with a tangy goats cheese cream and salad leaves, to a simple plate of sumptuous charcuterie or local cheeses, with a whole blackboard dedicated to exotic gins as well as their extensive wine and Kentish beer lists – or just get a coffee, maybe with a pastry – and watch the world go by.  The look is pared back and traditional, the service friendly and professional. The restaurant still a real winner and though at the time of writing their bar menu hadn’t yet made it on to their website, we expect it will be added there soon. While Suzanne says you need to book your restaurant table in advance here, out of season -and particularly during the week – you might get away with just turning up on spec and the welcoming bar certainly requires no such planning ahead.

More dramatically – Paulo’s Kitchen is no more. But don’t worry, the chef has taken over the business – and put his own name over the door – promising to maintain the consistency of the original restaurant and building on his success there. Congratulations Seggari’s, already picking up great reviews on TripAdvisor!

Otherwise we think you’ll find Broadstairs pretty much as Suzanne found us: the perfect destination for a seaside holiday with family or friends. We didn’t get a mention in the article so we’ll big ourselves up here – if you want to book a comfortable self catering holiday home in Broadstairs, for you and your family or friends, our holiday properties offer everything you are likely to need – check our Beeches Holiday Lets homepage for availability throughout Summer 2016.

You can read more about our Broadstairs holiday lets, the town and wider area by browsing the other posts in our blog. We aim to provide information you will find useful and we welcome suggestions for new articles or any feedback you would like to give us at any time.

Happy holiday planning!