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Hot tips for maximum ice cream enjoyment!

If you’re coming to the seaside you’re going to want an ice cream at some stage we reckon, well let us share with you some insider tips about where to go for the best ice cream treats in town!

And if you or someone with you happens to be dairy intolerant, we’ll make sure you know where to go for dairy free ice cream too. Read on….

Broadstairs is the orginal home of the world reknowned Morelli’s ice cream parlour. You can now find Morelli’s “the best ice cream in the world” in London, Dubai, Monaco, a few other very select locations and here!

morellis berry pavlovaStill making their extensive range of flavours of delectable ice cream gelatos on the premises, the Morelli family opened their doors of their first ever store, on the seafront in Broadstairs, in 1932 and have retained the original art deco interior, complete with ceiling detail and fountain.

On our last trip we enjoyed the traditional vanilla, as well as mango and chocolate flavoured gelato.

Whether you pick up a tub or a cone from the street facing counter, or choose to sit at one of the quaint old pink and white tables inside, with a knicker bocker glory or one of the other sumptuous sundaes on offer, the Morelli’s experience is a special one and a massive treat for all ages.

Sundaes come in lots of flavours and are served in beautiful italian glassware and decorated with with Morelli’s very own wafers as well as whipped cream, chocolate, fruit, nuts, mini meringues, etc, according to the recipe. The picture above shows the Berry Pavlova, one of our favourites! It’s not cheap but every aspect of Morelli’s is about quality and special-ness. We hope you’ll go and if you do we’re certain you’ll love it!

Another great place to go is Chiappini’s – also on the seafront – also selling a wide range of gelato flavours,  another traditional Italian ice cream parlour, this time with more of a 1950s or ’60s feel, lots of chrome inside and more space outside for tables with umbrellas, offering a great view of Viking Bay beach. Turn left instead of right when you arrive at the seafront from the High Street and discover Chiappini’s right on the pedestrian only Parade, just at the point that it narrows, after Balmoral Gardens.

Should you carry on to the end of the Parade and turn right on to Harbour Street, going under the old flint archway and past the rather lovely Wyatt and Jones restaurant, you’ll find yet another ice cream emporium. York Gate Ice Creams and All Sorts has a wide range of ice cream flavours at terrific prices, right on the corner of Viking Bay beach.

Now you’re here of course you’ll see there are several other cafes and beach kiosks around the beach as well as elsewhere in the town offering the usual fare of Mr Whippy and your favourite lollies.  The town’s restaurants too of course will pretty much all offer ice cream as part of their dessert offerings and some of the better ones have exciting local Kent brands such as Taywell or Simply Ice Cream – hunt them out! You’ll also find some pretty special ice cream treats in our sister towns of Ramsgate (check out Sorbetto) and Margate (discover Melt).

But we promised that no-one would go home dissapointed here and what about those of you with food intolerances who can’t do dairy? Head to the quirkily named but super friendly Intolerant Wife cafe on the High Street and get them to dig in their fridge to see what flavours of wonderful Booja Booja dairy free ice cream they can offer. “the Wife” is all about providing food for all and that means those with food intolerances and allergies, as well as those without. So now everybody’s happy. Right?

Thank you for reading, we’ve enjoyed writing this post and sharing all our local ice cream related knowledge with you. We just want to make your seaside holiday in Broadstairs as perfect as it can be.  For a lovely place to lie down after you’ve eaten all that ice cream, check availability, using the form on our home page – of the quality, family friendly, self catering holiday accomodation we offer in Broadstairs.

We hope to see you here soon.