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The Tudor House Margate

We like to share information about interesting days out and attractions in the area around our Broadstairs holiday lets. The Tudor House in Margate is one of Thanet’s less well known sights and we warmly encourage you to go and take a look at it.

Situated just outside the Old Town, opposite the popular and award winning restaurant, The Ambrette. The Tudor House is less than a 5 minute walk, along King Street, from the Turner Contemporary Gallery. Mind you, now that the Old Town has so many cute little shops and cafes, even on it’s outermost edges, you can literally browse your way to the Tudor House –  the time it takes you to get there will be entirely dependent on how distracted you decide to allow yourself to be!

Once you get to the junction of King Street with Trinity Hill and Hawley Street you will see the Tudor House, on the other side of the road, directly opposite the very smart new florists and the Ambrette, which sit on the other two corners

The Tudor House Margate

This ancient abode dates back to the 16h century. It’s not Margate’s oldest building as some may think, but it is extremely old and highly distinctive, both outside and in.

Marvel at the low ceilings and ornate plasterwork. There are costumes to try on and other props as well as historical voices in the rooms so that you really get the feeling you have stepped back in time when you’re here. On some days you might even come across a musician playing Elizabethan harpsichord music.  Impromptu tours are often available from the enthusiastic and knowledgeable volunteers who keep this place going. Groups can arrange tours in advance.

There’s also a very sweet little garden which won’t take long to look round but is delightful!

While it’s not a slickly presented museum like you might find in a bigger city, it has in fact quite a homely feel, the Tudor House really shows you its heart and soul, both in the building itself and in the passion those who work there clearly feel for it. It’s a uniquely authentic and charming experience. Educational and eye opening. Shocking to discover that it nearly fell victim to slum clearances in the 1930s, the dramatic history of the building’s restoration is fascinating in itself.

Around Halloween the House also features in ghost tours of Margate.

Check the Margate Museum website for opening times when you are here – as they’re dependent on the season.

You can buy a joint ticket to see both the Margate Museum and the Tudor House for just £2.50 – or pay just £1.50 to see the House alone.

The Museum, just a few moments walk away, at the heart of the Old Town, also has lots to offer, including a chance to see inside the old cells where Margate’s n’e’er do wells were locked up for criminal behaviour – as it’s situated in the old gaol of the town!

If you’ve got your holiday booked already, add The Tudor House to your list of things to see while you’re here.

If you’re at the planning stage, considering where to book your next trip away we hope that hearing about the Tudor House – and indeed Margate Museum – which are just two of our many local attractions – will help you make up your mind to come to East Kent. Read some of our other blog posts or the information pages on our site for more inspiration!

Our comfortable holiday lets in Broadstairs (the next town along from Margate) get booked up well in advance though so check availability for the dates you have in mind using the form on our home page – and we’ll hope to see you here soon.