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Broadstairs is a magical place!

Houdini’s Magic Bar is a recent new addition to Broadstairs High Street. If you don’t know what a ‘magic bar’ might be, it’s a very rare thing indeed in this country, though apparently not so uncommon in America, there is only one other in the whole of the UK (Illusions in Bristol). Houdini’s Broadstairs’ is completely separate to Illusions, they are entirely independent of each other, but the principle is the same: it’s a bar where magicians can be found performing magic every night – yes really!

Houdinis Magic Bar in Broadstairs
Houdinis Magic Bar in Broadstairs

Owned and run by magicians, for magicians (to hang out and do magic together) and also for the general public to go along and enjoy being bamboozled, entranced and delighted by all kinds of magical spookery and flammery, for a sophisticated night out with a difference.

It’s a charming little bar, very nicely done out and comfortable, serving premium spirits, with good wine, cocktail and beer lists and Kentish fruit juices. They don’t do food, other than some elegant and tasty little bar snacks – and in the evenings they don’t allow in under 18s, it’s a place for grown ups to relax and be entertained.

There are two magic shows a night, behind the bar, screened live to large plasmas all round the premises, including into the relaxed downstairs lounge area, so everyone can see every trick – though we bet you won’t be able to tell how any of them are done! In addition magicians mix and mingle with guests at their tables – and perform close up magic throughout the evening.

Once a month there are special themed events. A recent evening was themed as The Lion the Witch and Wardrobe and the front door was replaced with magical wardrobe doors which guests had to climb in, through a layer of coats, to get to the magical land that the bar had been transformed into for the night.

It surprised us to learn that there is a large community of magicians living nearby for whom Houdini’s has quickly become a home from home. Just goes to show that it doesn’t matter how long you live and work in a town, there is always something new to learn – and we did already know that Broadstairs is a magical place – for all it’s wonderful qualities such as the beaches, fresh free air, heritage, music scene, festivals, restaurants, shops, bars, watersports, attractions and so on. Of course it is the perfect place for a holiday, hence our Broadstairs Holiday Lets business and that’s no doubt why you’re on our site, reading this, wondering if Broadstairs is the place for you and your friends or family to have a break together this year, have we convinced you yet?

The magic bar is new and extra special and gives us extra joy to be able to tell you about it as yet another reason why Broadstairs is truly unlike anywhere else and somewhere you can be sure to make holiday memories to treasure for life.

Visiting magicians have included some big names – such as Etienne Pradier who beat Penn and Teller and went on to perform at their show in Las Vegas.

In addition to the magic bar there’s also a magic shop, just two doors down. Selling magic tricks and paraphernalia including Harry Potter-esque wands and Hogwarts related thingummies. So if you’re little ones are pining because they’re too young to be allowed into the bar you can take them to the shop and satisfy their magical imaginations there – or just take some time to peer in and admire the mysterious and magical window display as you carry on down the road to the beach, which will hopefully soon take their minds off the urge to spend your money!

The Magic shop is called Wormwolds Emporium of Magic – we’ve mentioned it before on our blog as it’s been open longer than Houdini’s and we included in it our recent post about quirky shops in town, which you can read here.

Both can be found at the upper end of the High Street, by the corner with Carlton Avenue. If you are driving in to town it’s worth knowing that parking on Carlton Avenue is free if you walk away from the High Street a little bit (down, then up the hill: it’s a hilly winding road). Better still, if you’re not staying in town, get the train, which is just two minutes from Houdini’s and Wormwolds and only 5 minutes further walking down the High Street gets you to the beach. Bus stops pretty much right outside and there are lamposts aplenty to attach a bike to if you’re cycling.

Our Holiday Lets are located nearby, so if you’re staying with us you will be well placed to access the magic of Houdini’s, Wormwolds and the rest of the town, as well as the wider area!

Houdini's Summer 2016 Opening Times
Houdini’s Summer 2016 Opening Times


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