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Language UK – language school in Broadstairs

We often have guests staying with us who have chosen to come to Broadstairs to learn English. The small, friendly, seaside town on the tip of the Kent coast is a perfect destination for English students from all over the world.

Language UK students
Language UK students

Language UK is a school based in the heart of town, just off the High Street in Queens Road close to the beach, shops and restaurants. The school is an English UK member and accredited by the British Council, providing courses, up to exam standard, for adults, children and young people, school groups, families and professionals, in small groups and also individual classes as well as teacher training.

The teachers here are very experienced and passionate about teaching. The school’s atmosphere is exceptionally friendly, with lots of social activities and trips planned for students. The school even has a sunny garden where you can relax between classes.

Trips include visits to London, Leeds Castle (known as the most romantic castle in England), Dreamland, Dover Castle and many more wonderful attractions which are within easy striking distance of Broadstairs.

Activities on offer range from the energetic such as beach volleyball or golf, to a relaxing trip to the local cinema, boat rides and nature walks. Reading through the testimonials from students on the Language UK website is heartwarming. The small class sizes and caring attitude of the staff clearly make for a great life and learning experience for the students who come here.

The school’s website also includes an excellent and very thorough self assessment English language skills test which you can complete online in around 20 minutes, to grade your current skills level and help you understand what course will be right for you.

You can take the test here


The latest courses on offer at Language UK, at the time of writing, include:

Visit the school’s excellent website for up to date details.


Should you be considering taking an English course in the UK there are a number of factors you may wish to think through:

Duration of stay:

Learning takes time. Give yourself the time to get the most benefit from studying English in this country. Language UK tell us that many of their students will study in Broadstairs for two to four weeks and usually achieve a real improvement in their confidence and fluency in this time where you will be using English to socialise and when you are out and about as well as during classes.

What level are you at?

Language UK tells us that students who are at pre-intermediate level (B1) and above will benefit most from their courses. If you are not sure you can take the test mentioned above on the school’s website to find out:

Why are you doing this?

Know your motivation for studying, improving your English can bring a wealth of benefits. Whether you will use it at work, or to continue your studies, you might also consider that it can help you meet people, have fun, experience the way of life in England and other English speaking countries and improve your job prospects.

Once you have defined for yourself what you will get out of your studies you will likely conclude that there is “no time like the present” to make the investment in time to improve your English!

Do you want a qualification?

There are few achievements in life that feel more rewarding than passing an exam. Signing up to gain a qualification can give your studies extra impetus and will impress prospective future employers as well as your friends and family. The most popular English Language exams are IELTS, Cambridge First Certificate (FCE) and Cambridge Advanced (CAE). Language UK run courses throughout the year and can advise you which exam is suitable for the level you are at.

Some other benefits

Practising your English can deliver more than the obvious benefits, for example it has been shown that those who study languages can increase their intelligence, multi-tasking skills and memory. Being bilingual can also make you notice more, improve your decision-making and even reduce the chance of dementia* (read more about the research that backs up this claim in this recent Daily Telegraph article

Coming to Broadstairs to study will also mean you get the chance to shop in trendy Margate, historic Canterbury (just 20 minutes by train) and the ultimate capital city, London (easy to get to from the heart of Broadstairs, in just over an hour), as well as enjoy some of the lovely attractions, countryside and beaches here in Broadstairs, further afield across Kent and beyond.

Did you know that the county of Kent is known as The Garden of England? There is so much to see and do here. We are certain you will also enjoy your experience of life in our traditional small English seaside town – meeting the local people and getting to know your fellow students and caring teachers, going out to our many pubs, clubs, events and restaurants. At the friendly Language UK school you will make new friends from all around the world and learn about cultures that you might otherwise never normally encounter.


We hope that you will choose to stay in our comfortable self catering accomodation in Broadstairs if you are studying at Language UK. Our properties are well equipped with everything you will need to relax and enjoy your stay. Whatever reason you may have for coming to Broadstairs, check availability of our holiday lets using the form on our home page.

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