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Ramsgate Festival at the end of July

This year Ramsgate Festival is set to take place at the same time as Ramsgate Week sailing regatta, which will add a great atmosphere to our sister town during the historic sailing event out at sea.  both events are scheduled for the end of July. The Festival goes on slightly longer – from 23-31 July – and the regatta is 24-29 July.

Ramsgate Festival flier artwork

artwork by Gina Bailey-Stocken

Ramsgate, Broadstairs and Margate are all located closely together so should you come to visit any one of the towns it makes sense to spend some time in the other two while you’re here – and make the most of what the area as a whole has to offer. Broadstairs to Ramsgate takes just 7 minutes by car – and you can walk between the two, taking the very scenic coastal route, in just 40 minutes.

The Festival has evolved over recent years so if you’ve been before (it used to be on over the August bank holiday) expect it to be somewhat different in 2016. There’s a new Creative Producer and a sea-faring theme tying the whole thing together. Events will take place all over town, ranging from parades and bands to art installations, walks, talks, street theatre, comedy, opera on the beach – and more.  Most of it is free too!

On the eve of the Festival, 22nd July, you can walk from either Broadstairs or Ramsgate to Dumpton Gap Sands and see Littoral Light, as the sun goes down and the tide comes in. Up to 20 artists will be showing light sculptures on the beach and out to sea. Having seen the popularity of recent public outdoor light sculpture exhibitions in London and Canterbury we are anticipating a great turnout to view what we believe will be a very striking spectacle on our coast.

On 23rd July Garsington Opera are screening their new production of Tchaikovsky’s most well loved opera, Eugene Onegin, on Ramsgate Sands.  The set designer for this production was one of the artists who designed the Tower of London Poppies and Garsington is one of the UK’s leading opera companies. Opera is sometimes seen as being elitist and not everyone’s cup of tea but this free screening is a great way for anyone to come and see for themselves if it appeals or not – and soak up the unique atmosphere – with a picnic of course!

There are heritage talks – from Seashells and Inkwells about the literary greats who have been inspired in Ramsgate – to the RNLI talk on over 200 years of lifesaving by the Ramsgate Lifeboat.

Later in the week, Citizen Squid is a giant squid puppet, which will be roaming the streets and the Ramsgate Whale is a magical storytelling tent shaped like a whale, which will be located on the beach.

Adults will enjoy The End of the Pier cabaret show –  providing they don’t mind a bit of sauce that is, we’re told it’s not for the faint hearted and is billed as including piracy, lunacy, mild swearing, partial nudity, magical illusions, a cheap bar and dancing penguins!

There’s more comedy at New Variety Lives, hosted by local comedienne and rising star, Nicole Elkabbas and offering a top-notch bill, featuring comedy circuit five-star acts from the legendary NATYS: New Acts of the Year — Top of the Bill Showcase!

Outdoorsy types can enjoy Seashore Safaris with Thanet Coast Project, exploring the fascinating chalky coastline hereabouts, which is one of the best wildlife sites in Europe! Find out about marine and birdlife as well as local flora from the knowledgeable guides.

The above is basically the tip of the iceberg, there’s lots more going on than we can possibly include in one short blog post. Visit the Ramsgate Festival website for more information, we understand that more events are being added to the site all the time.

The Royal Temple Yacht Club and Ramsgate Festival organisers will have a shared information point in the harbour with information about the full programme and the yacht races each day – if you go and say hello – and you’re a guest of ours – tell them you’re staying with us, in one of Beeches Broadstairs Holiday Lets!  If you haven’t booked your accommodation yet, you can check availability using the form on our home page. We’d love to welcome you to Thanet during Ramsgate Festival – or whenever you want to come!

Thanks for reading. Let us know what you think about this or any of our blog posts – or anything at all to do with our local area – either by emailing us or post on our Facebook page.  And please feel free to share our site with friends and family who may be looking for the perfect self catering holiday destination – or even just day trip inspiration!