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The Micro Museum – Kent’s only computer museum

Last week the Pride in Thanet Awards Ceremony recognised individuals, businesses and attractions in our local area that have gone the extra mile to provide winning holiday experiences for visitors to Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate. Two employees at The Micro Museum in Ramsgate were rewarded for their dedication and enthusiasm with the Attraction Employee of the  Year Award. Well done Carol and Mike Beer!

micro museum

So what is The Micro Museum?  It’s Kent’s only computer museum – and it’s very close to our holiday properties, just a short drive, bus ride, bike ride – or a leg stretching walk to Ramsgate, ten minutes walk from the harbour*

So if computers are your thing – or a member of your family finds them fascinating – this is an attraction to add to your list of things to do when you are here. And if you don’t think you love computers, The Micro Museum might just be the place where you change your mind as there is so much to see and learn here about these devices which have changed all our lives so much in recent times.

The Micro Museum houses the Deer collection of vintage home computers, games, toys and more. Many of us will have got our hands on our first home computer in the ’80s or ’90s, perhaps a few of us who are old enough will have played a game of ‘Pong’ in the ’70s, but here you will find displays of computing devices dating back to the 1940s!

The history of personal computing is rich and varied, the ideas and the stories of the inventors of the digital age are all here for you to discover.

There are hundreds of exhibits on display – you might find your first computer here! A SinclairZX81, a Spectrum, perhaps or a Commodore64, or one of the more obscure models which at the time seemed to be the height of technological sophistication but have since been long superceded and have only a fraction of the memory and power of the smartphone in your pocket.

Sinclair XZX81

There’s a fun history quiz and those who complete it will earn a souvenir certificate .

Younger visitors can do the toy hunt to earn their own mini certificate souvenir.

Oh but the MOST exciting feature of this treasure trove of computing technology, for this old gamer at least, has to be the offer of Unlimited play on classic games – like Space Invaders – which is included in the admission price.

You can look round under your own steam or join a guided tour.

The entrance price is just £3 for adults and £2 for children.

You can also book the museum for your own event –  a friendly Games Tournament for example! Group bookings are welcome during the week.

Open Easter 2016 (Good Friday, Saturday, Bank Holiday Monday and Tuesday) until October Weekends and Bank Holiday Mondays, plus Fridays during the School Holidays 1-4pm

Find the Micro Museum at 11 Church Hill Ramsgate CT11 8RA*

Tel: 07876 271255 (Opening Hours Only)



*The Micro Museum is on the corner of Church Hill & Broad Street next to the gates of St.George the Martyr Church

Rail Ramsgate Rail Station (approx.20 minutes walk)
Buses No. 38 or 39 (Hardres Street Bus Stop), or Stagecoach Loop to Ramsgate Harbour (10 minutes walk)

Parking Turner Street or Meeting Street
(5-10 minutes walk)

space invader