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Wild Swimming in the Summer’s Final Heat Wave

Wild Swimming in the Summer’s Final Heat Wave

Like wet sand on warm toes, the summer is sinking away from us. But fear not, the Met Office are predicting that temperatures will soar in the coming weeks. September promises to be mostly dry and sunny, with the mercury rising into the high 20s, particularly in the South East. Which presents the perfect opportunity to take a weekend jaunt to the UK’s South-Easterly tip, to stay with Beeches Holiday Lets: in one of our self-catering, family friendly, homes from home in the beautiful town of Broadstairs.

Whilst here, why not take advantage of the weather and the location to dive into the increasingly popular pursuit of wild swimming? Known for it’s restorative mental and physical health benefits, people have been travelling to the area to take a dip in our world-renowned waters for centuries. Being surrounded on three sides by water, there are of course ample opportunities to swim in the vicinity of your gorgeous holiday home, but here are three of our absolute favourites. The water has been warming all long-hot Summer, so now is the time to take the plunge and book your base today!


Botany Bay

Broadstairs’ most Northerly beach, Botany Bay is a hidden, but celebrated gem. You can expect 660ft of curved soft sand, backed by white cliffs, riddled with Smuggler’s Caves. At high tide, the bay offers sheltered swimming, in a tranquil and oh-so-pretty location. At low tide, countless rockpools are revealed and the bay’s edges are uncovered; making it an easy walk to Joss Bay, Broadstairs’ famous surf beach. There are seasonal lifeguards and toilets, a first aid point, deckchair hire and a café, pub and restaurant near by. It even holds a Blue Flag Award … honestly, it is wonderful! The quintessential, British seaside experience.


Follow the path down to the beach, from Marine Dr, Broadstairs, CT10 3LG.


Walpole Bay Tidal Pool

The Walpole Bay Tidal Pool is an eighty year old pool of perfection, just around the corner in Cliftonville. Built in 1937 it covers, an incredible 4 acres – so even just a couple of widths is a great work out! The Tidal Pool really is a magical place, an oasis of clear still water stretching into the sea. Sunset is a wonderful time to swim here, as the sun sets over the sea, meaning you are swimming towards Turner’s famous skies at their most glorious. Framed by orange

and pink hues, it’s an incredible way to swim. Note that the pool is covered at high tide, so bring a flask of hot chocolate as a companion while you wait for the edges to be revealed.


Go down the steps to the Tide Pool, at the end of Fifth Ave, Margate, CT9 2JJ.


River Stour 

And finally, something a little different. The River Stour is a beautiful place to swim, with clear waters and friendly fish to keep you company. The tiny town of Fordwich (thought by some to be England’s smallest town) is an excellent place to enter the river and only a short drive from Broadstairs. Follow the path downstream, as it flows from open and sunny, to wooded and secretive before leading to a wild lake. As with all river swimming, exercise caution: swim

with friends, be aware of slippery edges and remember depths can quickly change. For a special treat, follow your swim with a trip to the Fordwich Arms, one of Kent’s finest eateries.


Follow the path from behind the Town Hall, King St, Fordwich, Canterbury, CT2 0DB


Ready to take the plunge? Use the availability checker form on our home page to check your preferred dates for our Broadstairs holiday lets and book your stay. Come on in, the water is fine!