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Winter Beach Walks

Winter Sunrise at Louisa Bay, Broadstairs. Photo: EDuffy

It may be the middle of winter but that hasn’t stopped us enjoying some lovely beach walks along the Thanet coast this January. The warmer weather may feel a million miles away, but the sublime beauty we’ve captured for you here should act as a comforting reminder of what a great place this part of the country is to visit. In other words, if you think it looks gorgeous now, just wait until you experience it in the summer. Over the next few weeks Beeches Holiday Lets will be sharing with you some of the best aspects of Broadstairs, Margate and Ramsgate to entice you to come and spend some time here! Our family holiday lets are nearby Broadstairs seafront and within very easy reach of all the Isle of Thanet has to offer. 

Pastel Shades of a Viking Bay Sunset, Broadstairs. Photo: MSmith

Broadstairs seafront itself is of an easterly aspect, facing out towards the North Sea. The sunsets are subtle and pretty, the sunrises often stunning. On clear days you can see France, something that we never tire of! There is a gentle rhythm about the way the sun moves along the beach over the course of the day, slowly dipping behind the cliffs at around 6pm in the summer. People drift back up to the town to enjoy the sunshine on the promenade or the jetty, often with a fish and chip supper or in one of the open-air restaurants looking out to sea. In the winter, Broadstairs is a very different place. Outside of the season, the beaches are practically empty during the week. At weekends, locals and visitors alike enjoy a stroll along the prom or along the sands towards Ramsgate or North Foreland when the tide is out. If you time it right, you can catch a pretty pastel sunset after your Sunday lunch. 

Dawn at Dumpton Gap, Broadstairs. Photo: EDuffy

Now what else can we say about a Broadstairs sunrise apart from, wow! That east-facing aspect affords the very best of locations for stunning sunrises. In the winter time you can enjoy a beach sunrise at very civilised times between 7am and 8am, depending on the month. In the summer they are naturally much earlier but the sheer pleasure of witnessing the sun popping its head above the horizon over the sea makes it so worthwhile. The absolute aim is to combine an early morning beach walk with the tide being out, so that you can stroll far out along the bays while the sun creeps higher in the morning sky. Others prefer to venture down for a sunrise swim when the tide is further in, revelling in the warm colours reflecting off the water around them. 

Louisa Bay Sunrise, Broadstairs. Photo: EDuffy

Further along each side of the Viking and Louisa Bays are Stone Bay and Dumpton Gap. Here you will find even quieter beaches and gorgeous wildflower clifftops as a backdrop. A short drive from Beeches Holiday Lets properties, you can park up easily on the clifftops at the far end of Stone Bay and take a circular walk the length of the coast back until you get to Dumpton Gap. You can stop off at the fantastic beach cafe there before making your way back. This should take you a couple of hours and will ensure you get your fix of seaside air!

Viking Bay on a Late Winter Afternoon, Broadstairs. Photo: MSmith

Of course, you don’t have to brave the elements to get a spectacular morning or evening view. A real treat is to order an early breakfast at one of the seafront cafe’s so that you can savour the seascapes in warmth and comfort, or pick up some freshly baked croissants in bustling Broadstairs before heading back to your holiday apartment for a more relaxing start to the day.

Of course Broadstairs is not the only resort in Thanet to boast beautiful beaches and we promise to put a spotlight on those shortly! Margate for example has a completely different aspect and boasts some incredible sunsets and wide open skies. Tempted yet?

Winter Sunset on Margate Main Sands. Photo: EDuffy

We hope we’ve given you a taste of what an amazing place Broadstairs and its neighbouring resorts are. Over the next few weeks we’ll soon be focusing on the area as the ideal holiday resort. Beeches Holiday Lets is the ideal way of enjoying quality time with the family on the Thanet coast. There is always something to go and see or do. 

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