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Beeches Holiday Lets

Beautiful new holiday property available from TODAY!

What a day it’s been for us all at Beeches. We are thrilled to launch our newest holiday property in Broadstairs, which we have just built from scratch so it really is brand new in every sense – and the sun is shining brightly to mark the occasion. Today we have had a professional photographer in and […]


Ramsgate Festival 2017 preview

This week we went to an event in Ramsgate to meet some Russian artists called Cardboardia who are going to be at Ramsgate Festival. The event was called a Hi! level meeting with the Tyran of Cardboardia which was quite a title, too intriguing to miss – and we thought it was to find out […]


Broadstairs summer festivities 2016

This summer visitors to our Broadstairs Holiday Lets will find lots going on around our beautiful English seaside town. We thought it would be nice to highlight some of the key events coming up in the next couple of months, for those of you with holidays already booked, or indeed those who might be thinking about planning […]


Turner Centre 5 Years Old This Week

16 Apr 2016 Turner Contemporary is 5 years old! Since opening have enabled their visitors to see the world differently, and have shown that art inspires change. Join them to celebrate and enjoy a day of live performances, music, stalls & workshops. Why not take a short break and enjoy the benefits of staying one […]

Ramsgate Week 2016

Ramsgate Week 2016, 24-29th July. Click on the link to take you straight to their website for all the information. This is something a bit different. Why not come to Ramsgate and experience the vibrant bars and restaurants whilst overlooking the fantastic Royal harbour. Experience the Cafe culture while soaking up some sun. If […]